Shipping your puppy

*****OUR SHIPPING RATES HAVE INCREASED AS OF 6/19/2008 SHIPPING IS NOW $300 For Shipping Within the USA $375 For Shipping to Canada*****

SHIPPING: Cabo Chihuahuas A Tiny Bit Of Mexico ships to anywhere in the United States. We arrange everything. The shipping charge on any Chihuahua to most US airports.  Shipping is:  300 DollarsUSA 375 Dollars Canada. Puppies can not be shipped to cities that require an overnight stay.  This includes the price of the airfare plus tax and the fee charged by our Veterinarian for the puppy's health certificate (an airline requirement) and the price of the shipping crate and a express mail postage for the puppy pack containing: Wee Wee Pads, Food,   TreatS and Toys.  Information and Documents about your Chihuahua and the Chihuahua Breed. It takes several days to arrange for the Health Certification and to get an airline reservation for the puppy (airlines limit the number of animals they ship per flight which creates a delay). Once on the flight, the puppy will uaually arrive at your airport the same day. You will have to travel to the closest major airport to pick up your pup. ONLINE CUSTOMERS usually recieve their puppies in about 2-8 days if you pay western union or bank wire transfer, if you pay with paypal we require 10 business days for your payment to clear.  If you pay with paypal we must ship your puppy in the persons name that paid the paypal invoice. The invoice payee must be present to pick the pup up at the airport and show identification.  Holidays will delay the shipping by a few extra days. We work over the holidays, but Vets don't.

The process is safe, simple, and cost effective. The pup first obtains a health certificate from a Veterinarian. On the day of travel, he is placed in a well-ventilated airline transport kennel, and received by a special division of the airlines. He is placed on board just minutes prior to departure, and travels in a temperature controlled, pressurized area of the aircraft. (If he loses pressure, so do the passengers!) The pup usually sleeps for most of the flight. (We do not use sedatives. They are unnecessary and dangerous). The pup never really knows that he is on an airplane, so he does not have a fear of flying. In fact, he can be in your arms in just a few hours. This is usually less traumatic than traveling by car. PICKING UP YOUR PUP: This is the most fun part. Just simply show up at the baggage claim area, and go to the PDQ counter. (Do not worry - your pup will not  come flying down the belt with all the suitcases). Show them your I.D. and they will hand your pup to you. Many families use this as the surprise introduction to their children or spouses. Have a camera ready! Other than water, there is nothing special you will need. Your kennel keeps your pup safe in the car. Some Air Carriers may require you to come to a special cargo area. Be sure to CALL the special phone number that we provide you with BEFORE you head out to pick up your pup. If you have a question, please email Barb at  or call her at 740-6 hours: 910-8664 9am to 9pm.  We Are Located In Canal Winchester Ohio.  Puppies are shipped from Columbus Airport. 

**** Please Read****  There are no cash refunds when you purchase a puppy.  We will give cash refunds only in the event we no longer have a healthy puppy to sell you*** Please be sure you are ready for a life long commitment when considering purchasing a chihuahua. We will not give you a refund just because you thought you wanted a puppy only to realize puppies require time and attention.

We provide a 1 year health guarantee On conditions not treatable and will result in death of the puppy within a year.   NO cash refunds we will offer a replacement puppy all vet reports and lab work must be returned with the original puppy.